10kg, 20 kg kits


BRONCO CEMGROUT POXY 80HES is three components solvent free, free flowing, and fast curing pourable epoxy grout.

Area Of Application

  • High‐strength grouting and fixing of Starter bars, Anchors, Fasteners, Tie rods, Crash barrier posts, Fence and railing posts, Under‐grouting and bedding of Base plates, Machine bases, seat base‐plates for light and heavy machinery including heavy impact and vibratory machinery, reciprocating engines, compressors, pumps, presses, etc.
  • It can also be used as Bridge bearings, Mechanical joints (i.e. road/bridge/deck types, etc.), Sleeper‐ less, direct rail fixing, Crane tracks, Light rail and permanent way in tunnels, Light rail and permanent way over bridges.


  • For carrying out structural repairs it can be filled into concrete/mortar cracks/voids/pockets.
  • Can be poured on the steel surface (zinc covered) as backing compound.
  • Cured resin possesses high mechanical strength, excellent adhesion, non‐ shrinking properties and a chemical resistance properties
  • Can be used as a sealing material for cracks and voids.
  • Although BRONCO CEMGROUT POXY 80HES has a high strength, the cured material is not brittle and retains a slight flexible nature.
  • It is supplied in pre‐measured quantities of component‐A (Resin), component‐B (Hardener) and component‐C (Special Aggregate) according to the mixing proportion.