20kg MS Drum / PVC Bucket


BRONCO® CEMPU GROUT is Aqua-reactive PU Based Expanding Grouting Compound

Area Of Application

  • It has versatile uses and it is normally considered to be the lastresort, when all conventional grouting methods to stop leakages have failed.
  • It has successfully performed under certain most challenging conditions, where satisfied users have referred it as a magic product, to achieve almost impossible solutions.


  • It has very remarkable solidifying properties even in ground where water flow is violent. It stops water from oozing and solidifies the ground with high strength.
  • It exerts successful solidifying property in all types of water, such as sea water, mineral water and those containing acid and alkali.
  • It is extremely stable both chemically and physically and will not be damaged by any Bacterium.
  • It is completely non‐pollutant to the water it contacts and has no effect on potable water, fish or marine life.
  • The coefficient of permeability of 10 -7 to 10 -8 mm /sec.
  • Indicates the impermeability of soil solidified by BRONCO CEMPU GROUT. This also accounts for the excellent property of CEMPU GROUT in stopping water from oozing
  • It possesses excellent adhesiveness to soil particles and it is therefore also useful in landslide prevention.